Panoramic image print on plexiglas

Panoramic image print on plexiglas

You can print an ordinary photo on a plexiglas by, but it is also possible to put a panoramic photo on high quality plexiglas. A panoramic photo is not a regular photo, but concerns a picture that shows a particular image in full width. For example, create a panoramic photo of a particular landscape, then you’ll see this landscape across the entire width.

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A panoramic photo of a landscape

Many people who print a plexiglas photo, choose a picture of a beautiful landscape. For example, have you been on vacation in France and have you made a beautiful landscape picture on a mountain? Then you can print this acrylic prints. Have you been to Greece and have pictured the beach as a panoramic picture, you can also print this photo on a plexiglas. Of course, it is also possible to print a photo that you did not make yourself. There are plenty of beautiful panoramic photos that you can use when designing your own wall decoration, even though you did not make these photos yourself.

If you put a panoramic photo on a acrylic, the plexiglas will always be elongated and thin. This is because a panoramic image is always elongated and thin. Keep this in mind if you’re putting a panorama on the plexiglas, for example, by thinking about where you will hang the picture.

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A panoramic view of a cityscape

You can also choose to print a beautiful cityscape on a piece of plexiglas. For example, if you took a panoramic acrylic prints of a beautiful harbor, took a picture of your favorite street in the city or have you recorded your own street? Then you can print these photos on a plexiglas. Photos of ports, markets, beautiful streets and of course skylines make it very good as a panoramic picture and are also beautifully displayed on a plexiglas.